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"Holding on to truth" is the literal translation of the word 'Satayagraha', one of the basic elements of the political views and activism of Mahatma Gandhi. It is my conviction that the concept has not received enough attention in the politics of the last century for it is a crucial element of any politics that aims to lead our world through the present changes toward a future of peace.

Gandhi said: "Truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force. I have therefore also called it love-force or soul-force. In the application of satyagraha, I discovered in the earliest stages that pursuit of truth did not admit of violence being inflicted on one’s opponent but that he must be weaned from error by patience and compassion. For what appears to be truth to the one may appear to be error to the other. And patience means self-suffering. So the doctrine of holding on to truth came to mean vindication of truth, not by infliction of suffering on the opponent, but on oneself."

Thus, if we are to uphold truth we are to uphold non-violence. And it is my firm belief that we need respiritualisation of our politics to be able to do so. For a non-ethical, non-honest and non-spiritual politics is a dry exchange of power that will always resort to violence - be it with words, deeds or structures.