September 26, 2011

Remembering the times: when did women start to vote?

Because of the very good news that king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Sunday granted women the right to vote and run in future municipal elections, I'll throw in a little quiz.

Put the right date of female voting together with the right country: 
Belgium, Turkey, Switserland.
1919, 1930, 1970.

And the answer is...
Belgium: 1919 municipal, but provincial and national only in 1948 
Turkey: 1930
Switserland: 1970

Obviously I think the Kingdom of Saudi has waited a bit long, but I get pretty annoyed when western people act as if it is self-evident that women can vote in the west as if they always upheld equal rights and is if they were all the first to introduce it in their countries.

For a full list of women's suffrage: click here.

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